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WYE Starters Guide for Children’s Themed Parties

Unlike us adults, children are always looking forward to adding a new year to their age and with every celebration comes the must have theme that will not only bring joy to their faces but also show off just how much they know about that theme and how much it is their favourite.

So what do us Parents do?

Well we do exactly what we can to ensure that everything is completely drenched in that theme, from part packs to special guests, from cakes to music we make sure that everything is covered, but if this is completely new to you or you wish to get some guidance in putting something like this off, whether it be on a large or small scale, we’ve picked a few points to consider that should get you of to a speedy start for ultimate Children’s Themed Parties.

1. Decoration

Focus on the visible things that can bring a theme to life, balloons, banners, table cloths, party cups, party hats… one of our key strategies for our clients at WithYou Events is to create a focal point in the room – the place which is ideal for creating memories i.e. photos to be taken, cake to be cut and then working from that focal point outwards. Kids Themed Party - Starters Guide

What we do know is that you might think ok this theme must be plastered everywhere… however please stop for a moment! We don’t want the room being in complete overkill – so how do you balance it out?

Well… WithYou Events exercise a 60/40 decor plan – what this means is that as many decorations incorporated with the key theme – for instance Frozen/ Pepper Pig, we then match them with plain coloured items that fit that theme too. So let’s pick Frozen for example… other colours suitable to go with the theme are Blue/White/Grey, so we’ll ad a few plain coloured balloons, a few plain coloured cloths etc to aid us in creating a Frozen themed room, but not costing our client way to much on all the branded Frozen merchandise… see what we are doing here?

60% theme, 40% colour – you can’t go wrong!

2. The Cake

You can’t have a kids party without cake – it’s a necessity! We encourage you to go all out on the cake, it is indeed the be all of the theme, it will solidify exactly what everyone is here to celebrate – a themed birthday. We usually advise a tiered cake – not too crazy 2/3 tiers at a most – makes for a really good photo and incase of any increase in the number of guests at least they can all eat cake!

Lego Birthday Cake from Babysavers.com

3. Food & Drink

Now we know the idea is for the kids to have fun – but there are 2 things when it comes to birthday parties and children… 1) Be creative with the food, this is another chance to show off the theme, but also remember our earlier rule – 60/40, use the colours of the theme to your advantage, cupcakes with maybe the theme coloured icing or drinks made to look a certain colour will enhance the ideas you’re going for!

No. 2) Keep it healthy! Have you ever been to a party and are completely having anxiety attacks about the amount of sugar your kids are ingesting… just because it’s a party, doesn’t mean we need to pump full of everything we try to avoid the rest of the year! We encourage our clients to think of ways to substitute your usual sweet things for other sweet things… for example homemade ice lollies made from actual fruit or smoothies – use colour and visuals here to your advantage make healthy food come to life and they’ll be sure to take a bite!

The Hungry Caterpillar from Karaspartyideas.com

4. Activities & Games

Games and Activities is where you get to be creative, and it need not cost you a fortune either! Now of course you can go for the popular – musical chairs, musical statues, simon says, pass the parcel but again be more creative! You can even swap props for more themed like items just to keep it in tune with everything else. We recently saw a kids party change the ‘Don’t drop the cookie’ game for ‘Don’t drop the snowball’ for a themed birthday party, it was actually a really good substitute!

If you are trying to keep things nice and busy, we like to do this group changeover, where you get your friends to host various activities in the home or location and that way you keep the attention of every tiny human engaged – have a face painting corner (get them to look like the characters), have a puppet show maybe?, a dancing corner – it’s great for the adults to do and the kids love it too!

DIY Games from Brit.co

5. The Basics

When we say the basics, we’re talking about timing and location. Think clearly the space I’ve got is it to large or too small, will it make it all come together or will it all get lost? The worse things about themed parties for kids is not having the right space for them to just enjoy themselves. With timing, we all know the adults like to have their own secret party in the kitchen whilst someone takes one for the team, but keep the party to 3-4 hours, it’s long enough to keep everyone engaged, but short enough to not take up everyone’s day and also maintains the point that is for the children! In those hours what should you have achieved – cake, dancing, eating and games – everyone wins!

Willy Wonka Invite from drawpilgrim.com

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